Movie on 2-24-16 at 12.30 PM 3D-licious printing. What it be?   Molten plastic. Drip sand castles. Put em together!   That’s 3D printing.   I wanted something useful.   So I produced membership cards for my Call of Duty clan.   Design was fairly easy, as other classmates had the same idea.   Even though it wasn’t too much… Read more →

Makey Making Me Crazy

Makey makeys: a tool to build a customizable MIDI keyboard. We decided to get meaty with our MIDI. So we made a meat sandwich controller. Cheddar Bo Little was our test subject. We played the game Run 2 and beat it. Here are pictures. Note: we cleaned up the meat juices. Note: we had to staple the meats/cheeses to the… Read more →

WeDo Chain Reaction

As a class, we recently constructed a chain reaction machine powered by the Lego WeDo blocks paired with Scratch. There were several pairs of students, and each pair constructed their own mini-process of chain reaction. In my own pair, my partner and I built a battering-ram that would smack a mini Native-American action figure into the motion sensor of the… Read more →